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selling swatch

courtney (07/16/2015 06:24:02)
I'm having a clear out for my dad and trying to get some more information on 3 swatch watches he has. one of them is the don't be late from 1984 Spring Summer Collection. the strap obviously broke at some point so had been replaced with a swatch leather strap. would this take value off of the price?

I have this watch

Carol (07/19/2013 11:30:14)
In excellent condition.. want to sell it...

don't be too late

KC (01/09/2013 02:42:21)
My entire family gave me this watch for my 24th B-day because I was chronically late for everything - even my 24th B-day party. I still have my Swatch. I loved it then, I love it now (especially when I saw the appreciated value). But I will never part with it. Because there are a zillion different Swatch designs, I feel like mine was created just for me and my tardiness. I have never seen anyone else with mine or two people with the same Swatch - because everyone finds a Swatch (or several) that is uniquely perfect for that person. My "Don't Be Too Late" is still in great condition. I'm going to get a new battery and start wearing it again, because unfortunately, I still have a problem being on time.

80s :)

Mark Verzosa (07/23/2012 17:26:55)
I had this watch way back, if I'm not mistaken on 1985or 1986 :)


Mark (05/18/2012 06:49:17)
Oh I had this same Swatch during my grade school days. I think it was around 1985 or 1986... I don't have this anymore...

Re: don

Tony (07/23/2008 18:50:23)
The standard band will fit, and a standard battery cover is available at www.swatchandbeyond.com

don't be too late

jo (07/13/2008 17:08:19)
Wow! My old Swatch certainly has appreciated in value. But, I've lost the battery cover, and the band is cracked. I see that new bands can be purchased, but don't know if they'd fit.
If anyone knows if a new battery cover is available, I'd appreciate it.

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