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Miguel (12/28/2017 20:59:11)
Oye yo tambien tuve demasiados swatch y me gustaría mirar los demas que tienes igual y te compro algunos clara si los vendes

Disque Blue Swatch

Jan Griffiths (09/29/2013 09:16:36)
I have this Swatch as well as a few others, and love it!! I've had mine since 1988 when it was brand new. It looks great with the clear band I put on it, and the clear blue Swatch Guard 2, which matches the blue ring inside. It keeps excellent time, even after taking a "vacation" for about 7 years. (battery was removed) I think it's one of the prettiest of the "jelly" Swatches, and recommend it because of its sophistication, and the added "fun" element (blue ring). It is perfect to wear to the office as well as having fun on the weekend.


juju (01/29/2008 15:09:01)
this swatch is perfect in every way, you cannot ask for a better design

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