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Auctionata auctioned Swatch Watch Collection May 24 2013

“The Swatch phenomenon is about more than simply measuring time; it’s fashion, looks and lifestyle!” explains Dr. Oliver Hoffman, resident watch-expert at Auctionata. Since early childhood Dr. Hoffmann has been dealing with exceptional watches, and he thinks these colourful and unique pieces by Swatch are not to be missed. He is particularly enthralled by the artist’s and designer lines – Keith Haring or Vivienne Westwood, for example. He is also excited to see prototypes and testing-models go up for auction, which he thinks will make “a fine catch for ambitious Swatch collectors!”

swatch auction on May 2013
Some Highlights of the auction
88 swatch lots were offered at Auctionata 50 hit the high estimate and much more. The following watch High estimate was 240 Euro it was sold for 650 Euro.
Don't be so Late was Auctioned for 650 Euro =  $840 and if you add Auction house commission it was sold for over $1006.00Swatch Dont Be Too Late

Sought-after Swatch ,The American GT701’, Switzerland, 1982

Starting bid was 340 Euro the high estimate 680 Euro and it was sold for 700 Euro plus buyer Premium.

Swatch The American GT701

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